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RVS Englisch 09.01.51 Health and Safety on Tunnel Sites
Juni 2017


This RVS code is applicable for the planning and implementation of health and safety measures for all types of underground construction sites.
As for other construction methods, such as submerged tunnels, caisson shafts, etc. as well as for refurbishments, this RVS is only applicable if the related risks are comparable with those of underground construction sites.
This RVS is not applicable for unmanned tunnelling methods, such as micro-tunnelling techniques, etc.


1 Field of Application
2 Terminology
3 General
4 Allocation of tasks, areas of responsibility
5 Approach to planning and implementing health and safety measures
6 Acts, guidelines, standards and literature referenced
7 Additional guidelines and standards to be Observed
8 Annex

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Ausgabedatum 1. Juni 2017
Arbeitsausschuss T09 Arbeitssicherheit auf Tunnelbaustellen
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  • RVS 09.01.51 Health and Safety on Underground Construction Sites