RVS 08.21.02 Platformas for Geotechnical Works


This RVS is to be used for the design, construction and maintenance of platforms and the
herefore necessary measures for the following geotechnical works (specialist foundation construction):

  • well building water supply
  • sheet pile
  • soldier pile walls
  • bored piles
  • displacement pile
  • diaphragm walls
  • jet grouting
  • deep compaction (deep vibration compaction / vibro-replacement compaction)
  • vertical drains
  • deep soil stabilization
  • thin cut-off wall
  • water management
  • tension (micro) piles and nails
  • prestressed anchor
  • bored drainage
  • geotechnical grouting
  • micro-piles
  • shallow geothermal energy

This RVS is not valid for special platforms e.g. raised platforms for anchors.


0 Preliminary remarks
1 Field of Application
2 Terminology, Definitions
3 Design
4 Execution
5 Testing for the construction of individuals platforms
6 Maintenance during construction activity
7 Referenced guidelines and standards
8 Annex: Load details for standard machines for geotechnical construction (specialist foundation engineering)

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