RVS 09.02.41 Lighting (substituted)


This RVS shall be applied in accordance with Austrian national laws (e.g. Road tunnel safety Act (STSG); Road traffic regulations (StVO); Road traffic signs regulations (StVZVO); Electrical engineering Act (ETG) etc.) for the design, construction and inspection of lighting for road tunnels and galleries.
In the case of renovations, this Directive shall apply mutatis mutandis, provided that this does not conflict with the principle of proportionality; priority must be given to consistency for the road user.
The provisions of European Directive 2009/125/EC and the Ecodesign Directive (ODV) must be observed.


0 Preliminary Remarks
1 Field of Application
2 Definitions
3 Lighting fundementals
4 Dimensioning of the lighting
5 Control and regulation
6 Equipment details
7 Short Tunnel
8 Tunnel constructions with natural light
9 Design verification
10 Acts, guidelines, standards and literature referenced
11 Additional Directives and Standards to be considered

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