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When you order this article you get all in English translated RVS at once. You are always up to date. New or changed RVS you will get through updates in the FSV-Reader.

This license allows for an installation on a server in the same school intranet or university institute/faculty intranet for the use in teaching and creating school scripts. Yearly you will have to repay € 200 plus VAT for retaining the subscription. The adjustment of prices are subject to modifications.

The advantages are mainly an automatic Online-Update in case of new or revised english RVS.



ADDED INFORMATION: Before sending the license to you, we will proof your permission for this type of license. We apologize for temporal delays on delivery.

For the use of the FSV-Reader a Microsoft operating system and an access to the World Wide Web are needed

Table of contents


02 Transport Planning

03 Road Planning

04 Environmental Protection

05 Traffic Control

08 Technical Contract Conditions

09 Tunnel

10 Judical Terms of Contract

13 Quality Assurance for Structural Maintenance

15 Bridges

Publishing date 01.11.2020
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