RVS Englisch 04.03.11 Amphibian Protection for Transport Infrastructure
Februar 2019


This RVS is applicable to the area of amphibian protection on existing and future travelways.


1 Field of Application

2 Terminology

3 General information

4 Procedure for implementing amphibian protective measures

5 Principles of planning and executing permanent amphibian protective measures

6 Amphibian protective measures

7 Measures for reducing barrier and trapping effects

8 New breeding waters

9 Monitoring and upkeep measures

10 Acts, guidelines, standards and literature referenced

11 Additional Directives and Standards to be considered

12 Annex

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Ausgabedatum 1. Februar 2019
Arbeitsausschuss VU05 Amphibienschutz
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  • RVS 04.03.11 Amphibian Protection for Transport Infrastructure