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09 Tunnel
09.02 Tunnel Equipment

RVS Englisch 09.02.22 Tunnel Equipment
Juni 2014


This RVS have to be applied under consideration of the Austrian laws (STSG, StVO, ETG, etc.) when new road tunnels are planned. In the case of reconstruction this RVS have to apply mutatis mutandis, provided that this will not contravene the principle of proportionality; uniformity for the tunnel user is paramount.
This RVS must be applied to galleries in accordance with clause 7. This RVS was created in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Firefighting Association (ÖBFV), it is legal throughout Austria for the relevant fire protection of facilities. Deviations must be adjusted with the responsible regional firefighting association on basis of a risk assessment.


0 Preliminary remarks
1 Field of application
2 Terminology and Abbreviations
3 General planning information
4 Project basics
5 Establishing the hazard class
6 Operational management and layout design
7 System selection
8 Arrangement of the BuS
9 Technical requirements for BuS
10 System details design
11 Listed laws, guidelines and standards
12 Additionally, laws, guidelines and standards to be observed
13 Annex

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