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RVE Englisch 03.01.01 Platform Access without Crossing Rail
Januar 2020


This RVE is to be applied to railway infrastructure projects (new construction, expansion, and renewal) for standard-gauge main lines and branch lines. It includes the functional requirements and requirements for the minimum dimensions for level platform accesses and their development.
In the case of repair measures and partial conversions of existing facilities, it should only be applied if the rules are technically sensible and, in the opinion of the competent facility operator, economically justifiable, i.e., can be applied with a proportionate amount of effort.
For renewal of access aids to platforms (stairs, elevators, etc.) deviations from the regulations of this RVE may occur if this triggers additional extensive construction measures (e.g., change of track position).


1 Scope
2 Terms
3 General
4 Principles for planning and design
5 Design examples for platform accesses
6 Laws, guidelines, standards and further literature cited

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