RVE Richtlinien in Englisch
03 Railway Station Constructions
04.04 Dangerous Goods

RVE Englisch 04.04.02 Manipulation of Flammable Liquids on Railway-Infrastructure
Februar 2022


This RVE shall apply to railway facilities and associated open spaces.
It stipulates the manipulation (filling or bottling/fuelling) of flammable liquids, waste oils, and biodiesel on railway facilities in addition to the statutory provisions and refers to the storage regulations where applicable.


0 Preliminary remarks
1 Scope
2 Terms, and abbreviations
3 General
4 Validity of the conditions for the respective facility types and participants
5 Terms of use
6 Operation, surroundings
7 Maintenance
8 Fire protection
9 Construction, equipment, and labelling of facilities
10 Laws, directives, standards, and decrees cited
11 Annex

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  • RVE 04.04.02 Tankmanipulation of Flammable Liquids on Railway-Infrastructure