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03 Railway Station Constructions
04.04 Dangerous Goods

RVE Englisch 04.03.01 Accompanying Landscape Preservation Measures
Februar 2020


This RVE refers to railway-specific landscaping accompanying measures that are to be complied with and implemented within the scope of planning and implementation of railway infrastructure projects from authority procedures.
It is to be applied to railway infrastructure projects in new construction and development for main and secondary tracks for which an environmental examination has found that environmental measures are required in order to avoid, reduce, compensate, replace and design harmful, annoying or stressful effects on the environment.


1 Area of Application
2 Definitions of Terms
3 General Matters
4 Avoidance Measures
5 Reduction Measures
6 Compensation Measures
7 Replacement Measures
8 Design Measures
9 Laws and directives cited

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  • RVE 04.03.01 Accompanying Landscape Preservation Measures