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RVS Englisch 10.02.13 Value Engineering for Infrastructure
Januar 2017


This RVS is to be applied to all types of infrastructure projects for the purpose of project optimization, from project commissioning all the way through to the delivery of the completed building. Starting from construction contracts based on ÖNORM standards B 2110 or B 2118, Value Engineering (VEng) serves all project participants‘ overriding interests in implementing project optimizations.


1 Field of Application
2 Terminology, Definitions
3 General Remarks
4 Procedure
5 Determination of Added Value
6 Allocation of Costs for the VEng Draft
7 Basis of Allocation for the Generated Added Value
8 Legal Aspects
9 Acts, guidelines, standards and literature referenced
10 Recommended Policies
11 Annex

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Ausgabedatum 1. Januar 2017
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