RVS 04.03.15 Species Protection on Transport Infrastructure


This RVS guideline is applicable for all wildlife, both plants and animals, including the habitats that are significant with regard to the planning and realisation of transportation infrastructure projects and it is not limited only to the species protected according to EU laws.

This RVS is applicable for the planning of projects as referred to below:

  • New construction of federal high-speed roadways, i.e. highways and expressways, and related upgrading projects subject to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • New construction of provincial roads subject to EIA and related upgrading projects subject to EIA
  • New construction of high-speed railroad lines and related upgrading projects subject to EIA

However, the applicability of this RVS is limited to only those construction projects that lead to essential changes with regard to both the characteristics and the intensity of impacting factors. Both bird species and wild mammals (excluding bats) are principally not the topic of this RVS as these types of animals are treated in both RVS 04.03.13 and RVS 04.03.14. This RVS serves as a supplement to the regulations included in both the RVS 04.03.13 and 04.03.14 as far as facts are concerned that are significant with regard to the applicable EU law. Some of the species and habitats that are not treated in these two RVS guidelines are protected by means of the strict regulations included in the Flora-Fauna-Habitat Directive (Habitats Directive). Many of these species and habitats are not only protected within the areas included in the network of protected Natura 2000 areas but, according to article 12 of the Habitats Directive, also throughout the entire area of Austria.


As far as the equipment of roadways and railroads with both wildlife warning facilities and wildlife protection facilities is concerned, RVS 04.03.12 is applicable. The present RVS, in combination with both RVS 04.03.13 and RVS 04.03.14, fully covers the topic of habitat structures as referred to in RVS 04.01.11 excluding the legal aspect of protected areas.


As far as the equipment of roadways and railroads with technical facilities serving the purpose of protecting amphibians, RVS 04.03.11 is applicable.


1 Field of Application
2 Terminology
3 General Issues, Species and Groups of Species Addressed, Biotopes
4 Personnel Requirements
5 Schedule for the Planning and the Construction of National Roadways and High-Speed Railroads
6 Preliminary Investigation
7 Preliminary Project
8 Project Submitted for Approval
9 Nature Conservation Assessment in Preliminary Project and Project Submitted for Approval
10 Construction Project
11 Acts, guidelines, standards and literature referenced
12 Annex

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