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RVS Englisch 03.04.13 Child-Friendly Mobility
November 2015


The aim of this RVS is to support the child-friendly design of public spaces. It is applicable for both urban and rural residential areas.
These guidelines address the everyday mobility of children from 0 to 14 years of age and complement RVS 03.04.14 which covers safety while travelling to school as well as in the immediate area of the school as it relates to child mobility, including the entirety of both the related experiences and the overall mobility of children (focusing on both playful discovery and the acquisition of appropriate skills as well as on the possibilities to promote the development of children through physical activity).


1 Field of Application

2 Aims and Principles

3 Child-related Requirements

4 Planning activities

5 Mobility Management and Information Management

6 Designing child-friendly roadway spaces

7 Participation of children

8 Acts, guidelines, standards and literature referenced

9 Annex: Checklist for child-friendly transportation planning

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Ausgabedatum 1. November 2015
Arbeitsausschuss STA05 Kinderfreundliche Mobilität
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  • RVS 03.04.13 Child-Friendly Mobility