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09 Tunnel
09.02 Tunnel Equipment

RVS Englisch 09.02.31 Basic Principles
Juni 2014


This RVS is applicable as the basis for the planning of new roadway tunnels and covered galleries in relation to national laws (road safety law, road transportation law, etc). In cases of refurbishment, it is to be applied analogously, but only to the extent that the practicability is not violated.


0. Preliminary Remarks

1. Field of Application

2. General Planning Principles

3. Calculation of Air Demand

4. System Selection

5. Technical Requirements

6. Aerodynamic Dimensioning

7. Control and Operation of the Ventilation System

8. Fire Tests

9. Laws, Guidelines, Standards and Literature referred to

10. Additional Guidelines to be adhered to

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  • RVS 09.02.31 Basic Principles
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