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RVS Englisch 08.97.03 Geotextiles in Subbase Constructions
Juni 2020


This RVS is to be used for the application of geotextiles in the field of road construction. It regulates the use of geotextiles for surface stabilisation (separating and reinforcing function) and for drainage systems (filter and drainage function). The use of this RVS is also recommended for road surfaces with unbound superstructure and soil replacement as well as for other measures of subsoil improvement and drainage.


0 Preliminary remarks
1 Scope
2 Terms and definitions
3 Raw materials for geotextiles
4 Functions
5 Test methods relevant for geotextile selection
6 Principle of operation and arrangement
7 Geotextiles in subgrade stabilisation (separating and strengthening function)
8 Geotextiles in drainage systems (filtration and drainage function)
9 Instructions for product assessment
10 Resistance and service life
11 Quality assurance
12 Storage of geotextiles
13 Installation instructions
14 Listed laws, guidelines, and standards
15 Annexes

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