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RVS Englisch 03.08.68 Mechanistic Asphalt Pavement Design
Januar 2018


This RVS is to be used for the mechanistic-empirical design of bituminous pavements containing asphalt mixtures, which are designed in accordance with the performance-based (GVO) approach and are applied to traffic areas utilized by public traffic. The GVO mix types are primarily intended for federal highways types A and S, as well as heavily loaded federal roads of types B and L. Heavily loaded in this case means: an AADTT greater than 250 heavy goods vehicles / 24 h (corresponding to a load class LK4 according to RVS 03.08.63).
Furthermore, this RVS must be used if the traffic load exceeds the application limit for load class LK163 according to RVS 03.08.63 and, hence, RVS 03.08.63 is not valid.
The mechanistic-empirical design method of bituminous pavements can also be applied for private, heavily loaded traffic areas.


Table of Content

1 Scope of application
2 Definitions
3 Input variables
4 Determination of the relevant primary effects
5 Dimensioning verification
6 Cited laws, directives, standards, literature and software
7 Annexes

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