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09 Tunnel
09.02 Tunnel Equipment

RVS Englisch 09.02.41 Tunnel Lighting
März 2020


This RVS is to be applied in accordance with national laws (STSG, StVO, StVZVO, ETG etc.) for the design, execution, and inspection of lighting for road tunnels and galleries.
In the case of refurbishments, this Directive shall be applied analogously, provided this does not conflict with the principle of proportionality; priority shall be given to uniformity for road user.
The provisions of Directive 2009/125/EC and the ODV is to be complied with.


1 Scope
2 Definitions
3 Lighting basics
4 Lighting dimensioning
5 Control and regulation
6 Execution of device details
7 Short tunnels
8 Buildings with natural light incidence
9 Review of plans
10 Listed laws, Directives, and Standards
11 Additional guidelines and standards to be observed

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