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RVS Englisch 02.02.37 Speedlimits
Februar 2015


This RVS serves as an aid to the authorities in establishing and announcing speed limits for reasons of safety, ease and fluidity of traffic on public roads.
For this purpose criteria are cited which, with regard to the proof of evidence or the problem raised, should help the road traffic technical experts to assess the necessity of implementing specific speed restrictions. Whereby, only those criteria relevant to the local traffic conditions, road conditions and/or ancillary facility conditions applicable to the respective road are to be taken into consideration.
Point 7 shall apply when announcing speed limits which are not covered by the scope of this RVS.
This RVS is not applicable for speed restrictions:
● due to railway legal regulations
● for construction site security according to Sections 90 StVO and for maintenance work
● to keep dangers or nuisances away, in particular through noise, smell or pollutants according to Section § 43 Para. 2 StVO (primarily no traffic measures to be implemented with regard to the ease, fluidity and safety of traffic)
● based on the Austrian Air Pollution ControlAct (IG-L)
● in connection with detailed algorithms for Traffic Management Systems (e.g. VBA) on the basis of Sections §§ 20 (3), 44a and 44c of the Austrian Road Traffic Act (StVO) and general status surveys at the road network level.


1 Scope of application
2 Definitions and abbreviations
3 General
4 Necessity for a speed restriction
5 Measurement of driving speeds and evaluation of the measurement results
6 Effectiveness and verification of driving speed restrictions
7 Announcement rules / arrangement
8 Cited laws, directives, standards and literature
9 Annexes

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