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RVS Englisch 13.03.11 Road Bridges
Juli 2021


This RVS is to be applied for the structural inspection of bridges with public traffic.
Bridges with public traffic within the meaning of this RVS are those that can be used by vehicles in accordance with the StVO or KFG or for pedestrians.
The application of this RVS is recommended for similar private structures.
Bridges in the sense of this RVS are structures with a clear width of more than 2 metres - measured at right angles between the abutments.

Related engineering structures such as wildlife crossing aids, avalanche and rockfall galleries, covered tunnel structures, road tunnels in open construction (enclosures, underfloor roads), road tunnels in cover construction, etc., for which there are no separate inspection regulations, should also be monitored, inspected, and tested in accordance with this RVS.


1 Scope of application
2 Definitions
3 General
4 Superficial inspection
5 Minor inspection
6 Major inspection
7 Guidelines, standards, and literature cited
8 Additional guidelines, standards, and literature to be observed
9 Appendix

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Arbeitsausschuss BR07 Überwachung, Kontrolle und Prüfung von Brücken und anderen Ingenieurbauwerken
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