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RSI/RSA Certification

Directive 2008/96/EC of the European Parliament as well as the Council on Road Infrastructure Safety Management (19 November 2008) have been incorporated into national law through amendment of the Federal Road Law of 1971 together with the related ordinances.

The 2008/96/EC directive states that specifically trained road safety consultants have to be commissioned to carry out both road safety audits and road safety inspections. With regard to both the education and authorization of such consultants, appropriate regulations should be set at the national level.

By publishing the set of RVS codes referenced below, the FSV has provided an appropriate foundation in advance, which was then suitably adapted according to the related legal amendments.

  • RVS 02.02.33 Transportation Safety Audit
  • RVS 02.02.34 Road Safety Inspection
  • RVS 02.02.35 Certification of Transportation Safety Auditors and Road Safety Inspectors

In order to train highly qualified experts who will become authorized auditors or inspectors, set training course plans have been prepared which are accessible for experts having long-term experience in the fields of both road planning and transport safety as well as for experts from other fields who are interested in carrying out transport safety audits or road safety inspections within the Austrian roadway network.

The FSV has implemented a certification committee, the members of which have proven their competence in both the training and the assessment of transport safety experts.

Thus the FSV has established itself as a competent service centre with regard to the education and assessment of road transport safety auditors. More than 170 experts have been trained so far.

The well-trained experts have been able to apply to the Austrian Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology and receive certification as road transport safety auditors.