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Language has always been a crucial part of life. The ability of humans to create and use complex language systems makes us to a unique species. However, if we do not speak the same language this can lead to a number of problems. This is most true when we speak with people who use words that we do not know, whether in private or in business. This is one of the reasons why the Austrian Research Agency for Roads, Railways and Transport is preparing dictionaries since 2007.

Since some years the executive committee of the FSV has decided to translate guidelines from German to English when they reach an international dimension. The Dictionary Transportation & Infrastructure German-English, English-German is summarizing term translations of each translated RVS-Guideline since 1st June 2020 and additional publications, like norms and laws.


  • Includes more than 6,000 translated terms
  • Sources: Guidelines for Planning, Construction and Maintenance of Roads (RVS), Austrian federal laws and regulations, DIN, ÖNORM, European Norms and Regulations
  • Topics: traffic and transport planning, transportation safety, transportation and environment, e-mobility, tendering and contracting, road construction, bridge construction, tunnel construction, railway construction and landscaping as well as quality assurance with regard to both planning and construction.

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