Approval "Noise Reducing Barriers"


The Austrian Research Association for Roads, Railways and Transport (FSV) has published the Guideline for Planning, Construction and Maintenance of Railways (RVE) 04.01.01 “Noise Reducing Barrier – Technical Requirements and Design Rules“ (only available in German) which is used in the field of noise protection of railways. This RVE guideline refers to railway-related regulations with the construction of new noise barrier walls adjacent to the high-speed railway network.

The aim of this RVE is to define consistent technical standards for noise reducing barriers along railway tracks. Approvals are given separated for noise protection wall elements in steel or aluminium, for anchor groups as fixing components of noise protection walls and for doors and gates in noise protection walls for railway track speed limits of 160 km/h (99.4 miles/h) and 250 km/h (155.3 miles/h).

The certification process is performed only in German, to apply for a certification all needed documents have to be translated to German by the applicant.