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Noise Protection Approval Schemes - General

A large number of RVS/RVE codes set out requirements for both materials and services, the compliance with which has to be assessed by the awarding entity. The FSV certifications confirm the compliance of a product or service with the requirements included in the applicable RVS/RVE codes.
At the end of 2014 the Austrian Research Association for Roads, Railways and Transport (FSV) published RVE code 04.01.01 entitled “Lärmschutzwände – Berechnung und Konstruktion“ (Noise Barriers – Calculation and Construction) which is to be used in the field of noise protection. This RVE code refers to railway-related issues and includes regulations with regard to both the construction of new noise barriers and the refurbishment of existing noise barrier structures adjacent to the high-speed railway network.

The aim of this RVE code is to set a consistent technical quality standard for noise barrier structures along the high-speed railway network. In this regard, RVE working paper 01 “RVE 04.01.01 Guide” was prepared along with RVE 04.01.01 and was published on 1 September 2015. Declarations of compliance (certifications) for noise barrier systems can be acquired on the basis of both the applicable guidelines and specified application documents. The existence of such certifications represents the basic prerequisite for awarding carried out by the Austrian railway company, i.e. ÖBB.