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Overview RSI/RSA

According to EU directive 2008/96/EG which covers the safety management of road infrastructure, specifically trained road traffic safety auditors have to be in place especially for carrying out road traffic safety audits and inspections.

The FSV has provided the following fundamental documents for both the education and certification of such auditors:

  • RVS 02.02.33 Traffic Safety Audit
  • RVS 02.02.34 Road Safety Inspection
  • RVS 02.02.35 Certification of Traffic Safety Auditors and Road Safety Inspectors

In addition, the FSV has made available a training module lasting several days as a basis for achieving the certification. The aim is to offer advanced training according to directive 2008/96/EG to both highly qualified planning experts and experts working in other fields. For this purpose, a certification advisory board has been established, the members of which have the required competencies in both coordinating the training and evaluating the traffic safety experts.

The FSV has thus established itself in its capacity as a competent Austrian service centre for the training and evaluation of road traffic safety auditors. In 2014, more than 250 experts attended the trainings and more than 20 of them have already been certified by the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology.