Approval "Corrosion Protection"

The requirements for gaining a FSV-approval certification "Corrosion Protection" are prescribed in the following Guidelines for Planning, Construction and Maintenance of Roads (RVS-Guidelines):

  • RVS 08.09.02 Technical Contract Conditions, Surface Protection and Sealing of Metal, Steel amd Aluminium Surface Protection (only available in German)
  • RVS 08.09.04 Technical Contract Conditions, Surface Protection and Sealing of Metal, Quality Criteria for Companies for the Handling of Corrosion Protection Works for Surface Protection Sealing of Metal On Site - Surface Protection of Steel and Aluminium (only available in German)
  • RVS 15.05.11 Bridges, Corrosion Protection, Steel, Steel and Aluminium Structures (available in English)
  • RVS 15.05.21 Bridges, Corrosion Protection, Aluminium, Aluminium Structures (only avalable in German)
  • RVS 15.05.31 Bridges, Corrosion Protection, Lightweight Structures, Powder Coatings on Steel Constructions (only avalable in German)

The procedure for gaining the FSV-approval certification is performed only in German, the application form and all needed documents must be written or translated to German. The results from the certification process and the certification itself is written in German.

For the process two different rates have to be paid, the approval process rate and the remuneration rate of the FSV-evaluator. First has to be paid at the beginning.

Normally the process takes 3-5 month for gaining the approval certification. The regulatory FSV-Approval committee (independent expert committee) is responsible for the desicion making in the whole certification process.


  • Original German application form including all necessary documents (must be in German language) have to be delivered by mail to FSV, Karlsgasse 5, 1040 Vienna (in advance by e-mail to possible)
  • Application is checked by the FSV-office (an included list of documents will help overlooking submitted documents)
  • Invoice for the approval process rate for initial application or prolongation application is sent from the FSV-office to the applicant
  • When the approval process rate is payed, the double copied contract is sent together with the estimation of remuneration rate of the FSV-evaluator to the applicant
  • Both copies of the contract have to be signed by the applicant and have to be returned to the FSV-office
  • One copy finally signed by the FSV-General Secretary will be returned to the applicant.
  • The end of the contract process starts the approval process, the applicant will be contacted by the FSV-evaluator for the following evaluation process
  • When the evaluation process is finished and a report is handed over to the FSV-office by the evaluator and proved by the approval committee, the applicant receives the results and the invoice for paying the remuneration rate of the evaluator; this rate has also to be paid within a negative result of the evaluation 
  • The final decision for or against the certification is taken by the approval committee
  • With the positive result of the evaluator, the decision for the certification by the approval committee and all paid invoices by the applicant leads in the completion of the certification. The certification will be found on our website and the applicant receives the evaluation and original certification (both in German language).

Application forms in German:

There are three types of approvals for corrosion protection, systems, facilities (Werk) and On-Site (Baustelle):

Antrag Zulassung/Rezertifizierungszulassung Systemzulassung (Vers. 8)
Antrag Zulassung/Rezertifizierungszulassung Werkszulassung (Vers. 10)
Antrag Zulassung/Rezertifizierungszulassung Baustellenkorrosionsschutz (Vers. 4)
Formular für die Unternehmenszulassung für Baustellenkorrosionsschutz gemäß RVS 15.05.11, RVS 08.09.04 (Vers. 7)

Process rates:

Initial application

1.440 EUR

Simultaneous application of


2-5 approvals:

2.880 EUR

6-10 approvals:

4.320 EUR

10-20 approvals:

5.760 EUR

>20 approvals:

6.680 EUR



Prolongation application:

800 EUR

Simultaneous prolongation of


2-5 approvals:

1.600 EUR

6-10 approvals:

2.400 EUR

10-20 approvals:

3.200 EUR

>20 approvals:

3.700 EUR


An overview list of FSV-approval certified systems or products related to the approval of "Corrosion Protection" is available here on the German part of the FSV-website.