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Specification of Works Infrastructure and Transportation

A standardised specification of works is a compilation of standardised texts, which according to the Austrian public procurement law (BVergG), is preferable for use in the preparation of specifications of works.

Since 2008 the standardised traffic infrastructure specifications of works (LB-VI), which is regularly issued by the FSV, has been widely used as a basis for the preparing of tender documents in civil engineering. As it is continuously improved and updated and brings together both users and experts, it has become a standard document widely used in the field of engineering.

An important milestone in regard to collecting standardised texts that were formerly spread throughout the whole field of engineering has been reached by bringing together the fields of residential water supply, river engineering and traffic engineering. The fourth version of the specifications of works compendium (May 2015) now includes most of the specification texts that are relevant to civil engineering, covering the following fields:

  • Road construction
  • Railway superstructures
  • Bridge construction
  • Tunnel construction
  • Landscaping
  • Residential water supply and sewage
  • River engineering

The FSV will continue to provide regular improvements and updates in collaboration with 150 experts in order to maintain the high quality level of this compendium.