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Overview of Approval Schemes

A large number of RVS/RVE include set requirements for both materials and services, the compliance with which has to be assessed by the awarding entity. The FSV approval scheme certificates confirm that the products or services comply with the requirements included in the applicable RVS/RVE.

FSV approval scheme certificates are available in the following fields:

  • Corrosion protection
  • Bridge sealing
  • Noise protection

The aim is to provide a simple way for awarding entities or site supervisors to get access to the required certifications by simply checking the data of the certification holder listed on the FSV website.

The following data is available:

  • Designation of the product or the service
    The applicable RVS code or RVE code
  • The name and address of the manufacturer or of the company carrying out the specified service
  • Period of validity for the authorization/certification
    Specifications and comments set by the regulatory commission