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Guidelines for Planning, Construction and Maintenance of Roads (RVS) 
The current translated guidelines can be ordered single or in a subscription with regular updates. We are still working in translating guidelines from German into English. The RVS have been translated from the German original text, only the original German version is valid.

Order forms:

Dokument Änderungsdatum
Bestellschein_RVS_englisch-ABO-digital Schulversion_201012.pdf   20.10.2020 Download
Bestellschein_RVS_englisch-ABO-digital_201012.pdf   20.10.2020 Download
Official-Order-Form_RVS_ENGLISH_School_Subscr_201012.pdf   20.10.2020 Download
Official-Order-Form_RVS_ENGLISH_Subscr_201012.pdf   20.10.2020 Download

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