Transportation Dictionary

Language has always been a crucial part of life. The ability of humans to create and use complex language systems makes us to a unique species. However, if we do not speak the same language this can lead to a number of problems. This is most true when we speak with people who use words that we do not know, whether in private or in business.


Financial support for diploma theses

The FSV wants to familiarize students with the field of "Transportation": Students from colleges and universities who are dedicated to this topic within the framework of master's theses / diploma theses can now be granted support by the FSV:
Eligible diploma theses can now be financially supported after submission.

So that tomorrow's transportation experts can already drive research today.


FSV-Transportation Day 2019

FSV Transportation Day is Austria’s most important event dealing with transportation infrastructure and takes place every year in Vienna.



FSV-Award 2018

We find new ways - The youth goes with us!


new Publications

RVS 09.02.41 "Lighting" (english)

This RVS shall be applied in accordance with Austrian national laws (e.g. Road tunnel safety Act (STSG); Road traffic regulations (StVO); Road traffic signs regulations (StVZVO); Electrical engineering Act (ETG) etc.) for the design, construction and inspection of lighting for road tunnels and galleries.


RVS 09.02.22 "Tunnel Equipment" (english)

This RVS have to be applied under consideration of the Austrian laws (STSG, StVO, ETG, etc.) when new road tunnels are planned. In the case of reconstruction this RVS have to apply mutatis mutandis, provided that this will not contravene the principle of proportionality; uniformity for the tunnel user is paramount.