Transportation Dictionary

Language has always been a crucial part of life. The ability of humans to create and use complex language systems makes us to a unique species. However, if we do not speak the same language this can lead to a number of problems. This is most true when we speak with people who use words that we do not know, whether in private or in business.


FSV-Transportation Day

FSV Transportation Day is Austria’s most important event dealing with transportation infrastructure and takes place every year in Vienna. It is a favourite of experts and is attended by a great number of transportation decision makers, offering an ideal platform for both exchanging knowledge and networking.


Financial support for diploma theses

So that tomorrow's transportation experts can already drive research today.




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new Publications

RVS 04.03.15 "Species Protection on Transport Infrastructure" (english)

This RVS guideline is applicable for all wildlife, both plants and animals, including the habitats
that are significant with regard to the planning and realisation of transportation infrastructure
projects and it is not limited only to the species protected according to EU laws.


RVS 08.21.02 "Platformas for Geotechnical Works" (english)

This RVS is to be used for the design, construction and maintenance of platforms and the
herefore necessary measures for the following geotechnical works (specialist foundation construction):