RVS subscription in ENGLISH

The Austrian Research Association for Roads, Railways and Transport (Forschungsgesellschaft Straße-Schiene-Verkehr, FSV) as standards writing organization is mainly working in creating and editing guidelines and regulations in the fields of transportation and infrastructure.
As a consequence, some RVS are also offered in English language, translations into English are going on.


Approval "Corrosion Protection"

The FSV has developed an approval procedure and certification for corrosion protection. For international companies the basic RVS 15.05.11 for corrosion protection of bridges with steel or aluminium structures has been translated and is available in the shop. The certification process is performed only in German, for the application to get a certification all needed documents have to be translated to German.



PIARC and FSV are partners in spreading new knowledge, experiences and developments in fields of transportation and infrastructure. In September 2021 the newsletter N ° 99 by PIARC was sent to its readers.


FSV-Transportation Day

FSV Transportation Day is Austrians most important event dealing with traffic and transport infrastructure and takes place every year in Vienna.
This year it will be held on 22nd June 2022 in Parkhotel Schönbrunn in Vienna.


Translation process of guidlines in progress

Since some years the executive committee of Austrian Research Association for Roads, Railways ans Transport has decided to translate guidelines (RVS) from German to English.



FSV-Award 2022 in November 2022

Together with the Austrian Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, the Austrian Research Association for Roads, Railways and Transport (FSV) presents the FSV-Award yearly in November in order to encourage university graduates.
We give them the opportunity to present their work to a bigger audience and receive some financial compensation if their work is worthy of the award.


new Publications

RVS 04.02.12 "Dispersion of Airborne Pollutants from Transport Routes and Tunnel Portals" (english)

This RVS is to be applied when performing air quality impact assessments (emissions and dispersion of airborn pollutants) for road construction projects subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) as well as for road construction projects that are to be subjected to an individual case assessment to determine the EIA obligation or are subject to the obligation to determine the line of the road according to the Federal Roads Act (BStG). This RVS is also applicable to railway construction projects subject to an EIA. It is also to be applied mutatis mutandis to strategic reviews in the transport sector (e.g. the SP-V and SEA).


RVS 15.05.11 "Steel and Aluminium Structures" (english)

This RVS is to be used for the corrosion protection of steel and aluminum structures utilized in bridge construction and similarly loaded structures.
It´s the core of the FSV-approvals in the field of corrosion protection.